Claudio Rubin was born in Libya on September 10 of 1954. After a brief spell selling wholesale clothing, he completely dedicated himself to fashion, developing the first line of classic shirt s and rapidly becoming a landmark in the field.

With the founding of the Maison Marshall in 1987 and brand name Shirt Factory Collection, Claudio Rubin reveal ed a special talent in being able to anticipate men's tastes and desires through shirts made in Italy of the highest quality. The style is a synthesis of feelings and emotions, colors and materials in a constant search for balance that draws from the rich tradition of the classic shirt, combined with the stimuli to invent, innovate and experiment.

In the years of past with the desire to obtain greater financial returns, the market brought the classic shirt and the casual, to increasingly poor levels of quality fabrics and workmanship. However, the Marchall company, decide d to take a completely different strategy.

Combining strong cross-sartorial identity and the interests of global involvement centered on the Made in Italy, Claudio Rubin underst ood the opportunity to pass the qualitative richness of the Classic style, to an innovative and experimental Casual market, creating in 2005 the second line of shirts named Business Casual.

The Business Casual, the result of different experiences, appears to reduce the gap with the Classic line.
Collections over the years have included the use of different materials such as jersey, denim, linen, velvet, cotton and silk, cotton and cashmere, printed cottons, stretch and development of cleaning systems capable of giving a soul to the product, and emotions to the wearer.

The principles on which the brand name Shirt Factory Collection are based, are: body awareness, comfort, elegance and sophistication appropriately combined with the innovation of quality.